Terms and conditions of use (last update 04/05/2022)

Once you are in the waiting list (the list of selected orders), here are the things you need to know and respect:

You will be placed on a waiting list:

  • I decide your position in this list ;
  • I reserve the right to change your position in this list if it suits me;
  • I will not move your project up or down the list at your request for any reason (including financial);
  • I reserve the right to exclude you from this list at any time without having to give you a reason (as long as no quotation is signed);
  • You are nevertheless entitled to remove yourself from the list at any time (as long as no quotation is signed);
  • As long as you are in the list, you will be integrated in a group and you will have information on the progress of your order.

When it’s your turn :

  • A preliminary meeting will be organized to discuss your project. If you have any details or requests, it will be at this stage. Any requests for changes after this stage will probably not be taken into account. The purpose of this step is to finalize your quote and select your faux fur;
  • For the selection of the faux fur, a list will be proposed to you and you will have to make a choice. You will be guided on the price and strength of the fur you choose;
  • Once you have received the estimate, you will have two weeks (as evidenced by the postmark) to send it back to me with the first deposit (the payment of the fursuit is done in two steps, the first half – 50% of the price indicated on the estimate – before the fursuit is started) and the duct tape dummy (DTD) of your body if needed;
  • In addition, you will also have two weeks from receipt of the quote to order and pay for the faux fur selected by YOU from the suppliers. The fake fur will have to be delivered to my address. You will be accompanied during these steps;
  • Please note that if there are taxes (such as customs clearance) related to the delivery of your packages (your fake fur or your duct tape), these costs will be at your expense and they will be requested during the second deposit.

Once I have the faux fur and the signed estimate in my possession (along with the first half of the payment and the duct tape if needed), I will be able to start working on your fursuit.

  • I promise to finish the fursuit within six months of receiving your signed quote, unless there is a reason beyond my control (illness, disaster..). If this commitment is not respected, you will receive a full refund (including the fake fur). In general, the fursuit is finished well before the six months indicated (one to two months when everything goes well).

During the creation of your fursuit :

  • I will refer to your refsheet. Make sure it is complete and does not conflict with your request. You will not be able to request a change in pattern or color, add, remove or modify an element during the creation of the fursuit. Be clear from the beginning about what you want;
  • I reserve the right to cancel your project and refund your first half payment at any time if I feel uncomfortable with your project, for whatever reason.

Once your fursuit is finished:

  • The second deposit will be requested and you will have three weeks to pay it. After this period, I reserve the right to cancel the transaction and resell your fursuit (to a third party or at auction). In this case, a refund of the first deposit will only be possible if the sale is equal to or exceeds the original price of your quote. You will be able to participate in this auction (the base price will be that of the second deposit). In any case, the fake fur and the taxes (possible customs) will not be refunded;
  • Customs clearance fees may be added to the second deposit if there are any for your packages, as well as other fees (such as PayPal fees or currency change fees for foreign orders);
  • The shipping costs will be at your charge and will have to be paid during the second installment thanks to an online estimate;
  • Unless you explicitly ask for it back, you leave the unused fur to me for repair and commercial use.

Once your fursuit is received:

  • You have paid for this fursuit, you do with it what you want, you are not subjected to any rule. The fursuit is fully yours. However, I reserve the right to use the photos/videos you will make of your fursuit to illustrate my work and to make a showcase for me (for example on my website, my social networks, etc.);
  • I can agree to a free first repair if requested within the first year. This includes repairs to the fursuit if the defects are from the initial construction. This also includes readjustments and oversights. I can potentially agree to free modifications or repairs as well (even if you caused the damage).


  • If you need other repairs, it is possible, but it will be charged;
  • I do not guarantee problems related to normal wear and tear of the fabric, damage caused by accidents, by the repair of another person or by the modification of your morphology. If you request a repair for these causes, it will be charged;
  • I will not be held responsible for any health problems related to the wearing of the fursuit.


  • If someone wins one of my fursuits at auction, they will be included in my groups and have the same rights as my other customers, but will not be entitled to the first free repair.
  • When you order, make sure you check the right boxes, because you won’t be able to come back to it. If you took a partial and you are caught in the list, you will not be able to have a full fursuit or just a head.