Information before washing your fursuit

This tutorial applies to a fursuit with all detachable elements (e.g.: head, body, tail, hands, feet).

This tutorial is for information only. It is up to you to adapt the instructions to your fursuit according to its composition. I cannot be held responsible for any damage to your fursuit or any other item related to its washing.

If you have any questions about the composition of your fursuit, please contact your maker. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice on how to care for your suit.

Never apply water or alcohol to the painted parts of a fursuit. Eyes are fragile parts that can deteriorate when washed. Hot water can damage your fur. The weight of soaked fur can damage your fursuit if hung.

Never dry your fursuit with hot air (e.g.: hair dryer, electric dryer), in an oven or by any other method that creates heat. This will permanently damage the fur.

For effective drying, put the fursuit to dry in an airy room. To speed up the drying process, you can use a fan to gently stir the air, removing the layer of moisture. You can also place a dehumidifier in the room to reduce ambient humidity and encourage evaporation from the surface of the fursuit.

Once your fursuit is dry, you’ll need to brush it to restore its original beauty. Use your usual brush and the bristles should be silky smooth. Check that your fursuit is completely dry before putting it away: put on the gloves, run your hand over the feet, touch the inside of the head, etc….

Soap used: Woolite (Wool, Silk, Delicates)

Washing temperature used: cold water (room temperature)