Your fursuit

The creation of custom fursuits is the core business of the company. From a reference drawing (called refsheet), fake fur and foam, we elaborate the costume that will allow you to embody your fursona.

We offer a wide range of customizations, from the claws to the body, including the head, in order to create a custom costume.

In order to better determine your needs and estimate the price, the My Fursuit order simulation tool is at your disposal. Thanks to this tool, you can study the possible options, the different prices and create a PDF summarizing your desire.

The simulation of the order does not commit you to anything, the tool only allows you to know the prices and the proposed options. However, a simulation PDF is required to place an order.

Example with Silou's fursuit, from the refsheet to the fursuit

Before ordering

Before ordering your fursuit, there are a few important things to consider:

  • The fur is not included in the simulated price. It is up to you to provide it, pay the shipping and customs taxes if present. I will advise you on the fur to buy, the recommended sites, etc.. It is necessary to count on average between 250 and 500€ of fur;
  • It is not possible to order fursuit at all times (full or partial). I open commission slots when I have finished all my current orders. You will have several days to submit your request;
  • I do not accept all commission requests. I do not accept all commission requests. Several criteria are taken into account, such as difficulty, whether the project is suitable for me, the quality of the prerequisites, etc…
  • You must have simulated the order and retrieved the generated PDF. You must also have a valid refsheet that meets all the criteria.

Although these criteria may seem restrictive, they are necessary to obtain a quality rendering and organize my work.

For more information, see the FAQ.

What I do / don't do

I see fursuits as a cute representation of her fursona. So I only work on models that give a good image of the fursuit. 

I do:

  • toony fursuits
  • plantigrades/digitigrades fursuits
  • simple dentition, mouths that can open
  • fursuits with separate hands and feet

I don’t do:

  • gory characters
  • fursuits of the “big plush” type
  • characters with deep wounds
  • complex dentitions
  • avians and other animals requiring a certain mastery (including protogens)
  • ponysuits
  • realistic fursuits
  • copyrighted characters

For all of the above examples, there are a lot of artists in the fandom with many styles. If your character fits into one of these categories, you will surely find someone to do your project!

Steps of an order

If you are ordering a partial or full fursuit, here are the ordering steps you will need to complete:

  1. Simulate the order with the My Fursuit tool
  2. Submit a commission request when they are open.
  3. If selected, discuss details, choose colors.
  4. Payment of a deposit.
  5. Order the fur.
  6. If the order includes a body for the fursuit, send a DTD.
  7. Validation of the work done.
  8. Final payment.

Please note that between steps 4 and 5 it can take several months. I only treat one client at a time and I will contact you a few weeks before I start your suit. If in the meantime you wish to retract your order, please let me know as soon as possible as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.