Sandals for fursuit

The sandals allow to protect the underfoot of your fursuit. They are necessary for walking on abrasive or dirty grounds, such as asphalt, earth, wet grounds, etc..

Our sandals are made from solid materials to withstand your many fursuit walks: adjustable straps, a carpeted sole to prevent slipping, followed by a layer of EVA foam for comfort and semi-rigidity, and then a layer of non-slip, waterproof flooring. With our sandals, you can walk without worrying about damaging the bottom of your paws.

Sandals for Alyra the lynx
Bottom of the sandal

In addition, we offer to write your name on the inside to personalize your equipment. We are also open to any proposal for customization or improvement.

Each sandal is made to measure. That’s why you will need to measure your feet with us before placing your order, and send us the footprint by mail.

The sandals can be ordered via the small order form below. You will need to mail me the outline of one of your feet, or both in case of asymmetry.

To do this, tape together several sheets of white paper to cover the entire area under the model foot, trace the outline of the foot with a pencil, then cut along the line.

Sandal with foot

Commission Application Form:

If you are interested in ordering sandals, please fill out this form.

Please note that submitting the form does not place an order, it simply allows you to contact me for an order.

Prices: from 60€ excluding shipping. The price may vary slightly depending on the size of your legs.

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