Paws (or hands)

Paws (or fursuit hands) can be ordered outside of fursuit commissions. If you want to start with a small purchase before ordering a full fursuit, the patouns are a good way to start.

Soft and silky, padded according to your preference and equipped with soft or hard claws, our paws are made according to your preferences. Choose the number of fingers (4 or 5), the color of the pads, their padding, the padding of the fingers, the type and color of the claws, and we take care of the rest. However, since this item requires fur, it is up to you to provide it.

5 finger brown paw pads, pink pads, medium padding, resin claws
Paws 4 fingers, 2 colors of fur, hard claws

If you are interested in a particular pattern and I don’t own it, I can buy it for your project.

Concerning the claws, I have some resin models, and I can create new ones. If you find a model that interests you online, I can buy some especially for your paws. It is also possible to make cloth claws of different shapes.

Our paws are lined inside with a cotton glove so that they are not in direct contact with the fabric. The padding is made of synthetic wadding hypoallergenic and resistant over time. In case of breakage of a claw (which we do not expect!), it is possible to replace it for a fee.

Commission Application Form:

If you are interested in ordering paws, please fill out this form.

Please note that submitting the form does not place an order, it simply allows you to establish contact with me for an order.

Prices: from 160€ excluding fur and not including shipping. The price may vary depending on the complexity of the model.

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