Foire aux questions

  • You must be able to finance the costume in its entirety before it ships.
  • You must have simulated the order to have a clear idea of what you want.
  • You must have a proper refsheet (see below).
  • You must be of legal age and not under guardianship or curatorship.

Concerning the consumables, everything is done via the store.

For simple commissions (paws, tail and sandals), you have to submit a request via the form located at the bottom of the product page.

Concerning the fursuits (full or partial), you have to wait for the opening of the commission requests. Don’t hesitate to use the order simulation tool in order to have a precise idea of what you want, as well as its price. Follow me on the social networks to not miss the boat!

Then comes the selection phase. If your request for a commission is accepted, I will contact you to move on to the next step.

I am obliged to filter the requests at least: the refsheet has to correspond to my criteria and I have to feel able to realize the request. If, for example, it is an animal that seems too complex to me and that I do not think I can provide a satisfactory result, I prefer to say no.

On the other hand, if the number of orders is too high, I should choose a limited number of projects.

A good refsheet to make a fursuit is :

  • A front, side and back view of the head and body.
  • That all the invisible or not very visible details are displayed (paw pads / under the tail / claws / eye color / etc.).
  • That everything is feasible on a costume. Lines that are too thin, symbols that are too fine and complex are not reproducible on fur. If your refsheet has them, then these details will not be present on the fursuit.
  • Let the design be in solid color, no shading.

For example, here is my refsheet, made by Kita Kettu:

Once the order is validated, I place it in Trello. It all depends on the number of previous orders, the complexity of your order, the arrival of materials, etc.. Count between 2 weeks and several months.

If you are ordering a partial or full fursuit, here are the ordering steps you will need to complete:

1. Simulate the order on the site.
2. Submit a commission request when they are open.
3. If selected, discuss details, choose colors.
4. Payment of a deposit.
5. Order the fur.
6. If the order includes a body for the fursuit, send a DTD.
7. Validation of the work done.
8. Final payment.

Please note that between steps 4 and 5 it can take several months. I only treat one client at a time and I will contact you a few weeks before starting your costume. If in the meantime you wish to retract your order, please let me know as soon as possible.

If your project is selected, you will have to pay a deposit to commit yourself. Then you can pay in installments during the creation process. Once the artwork is completed and paid in full, I will mail it to you. I don’t do post-payment.

It is possible to pay by Paypal and bank transfer. All transaction fees are at your charge.

This is the price of craftsmanship at the French rate! I make everything by hand myself and in order to make a living I have to be able to pay myself a salary. I know that not everyone can put so much money into a costume, but I can’t do charity and live off it at the same time.

If you are motivated, you can create all or part of your costume yourself, ask for help from the community and learn new things at the same time.

No, the fur is the responsibility of the buyer. Since the price of the fur varies according to the quality, quantity and type, I cannot afford to include it in the price. Moreover, being taxed on the turnover, I would have to sell you the fur at a higher price than when I bought it.

Be careful, most of the fur suppliers are outside the Schengen area, so it is very likely that you will have to add a customs tax. This tax is also at your expense.

Personally, I prefer The prices are very reasonable and the choice very varied. Moreover, I have samples of all the furs offered on the site, so I can advise you on your choice.

You can also order on,, or There are many other suppliers, it’s up to you. You can use to consult the stores offering fake fur.

However, keep in mind that a quality fur is necessary to have a beautiful fursuit that will last over time. Do not skimp on the price of the fur.

For small items, such as feet or hands, simply tell me the size or shoe size of the member.

For a fursuit body, you need to make a duct tape dummy (or DTD) and send it to me by mail. It’s a mold of your body made with a painter’s suit and duct tape (the big grey sctoch).

Here is a tutorial proposed by OggyTheFox :

Although this kind of practice exists, it is not something I enjoy. So it’s not something that’s possible here.

It all depends on the use and maintenance you do. On average, a fursuit lasts between 5 and 10 years.

The more you use your fursuit, the more it will be damaged. In addition, regular and gentle cleaning will remove any substance that could degrade the fabric.

All fursuits are sold with an after sales service. You can send your suit back to me once within 1 year after purchase to repair any normal wear and tear (cracked seams, loose parts, etc..) so that I can repair it free of charge (shipping and return costs at your charge).

Do not hesitate to inform me of any problem after its first use so that I can propose a solution.


  • Your fursuit may smell bad after a while. Fungi and bacteria may develop. For fungus, use white vinegar or baking soda. For bacteria, use disinfectant. Use a bathtub or tub filled with water, avoid the washing machine if possible. The first filling of the tub will be for washing (with disinfectant or white vinegar), the other fillings for rinsing. The water temperature should be low. The fursuit must dry in a ventilated area. The fursuit must dry quickly to avoid fungus.
  • If you choose to machine wash it, use a delicate soap, a cold wash program and turn the suit inside out (hair on the inside, mesh on the outside).

After wearing it:

  • Air your fursuit as much as possible to dry it. For the body, hang it on a hanger. There are specialized ventilation systems for fursuits. Never use hot air (like a hair dryer), it could damage the fur.
  • Spray a little disinfectant spray. You can find it in the store or in some stores (Sagrotan). This spray will kill germs and bacteria.

Do you teach classes? Do you take internships?

  • No, not at the moment. But I can give you some advice.

Do you accept trades?

  • Not at the moment.

Can I pick up my fursuit from you?

  • Yes I prefer: no loss of packages and I can make adjustments if needed.

Livres-tu en dehors de la France ?

  • Partout dans le monde, mais les frais d’envois et de douane augmentent si on sort de l’espace Schengen.

Do you make SPH ?

  • Yes.

What are you not doing?

  • Copyrighted characters, finish the work started by another manufacturer.