Body wash

By hand:

Soak the body in cold water with a little soap. Gently rub and squeeze the fur to remove the water and dirt. Repeat several times.

Drain the water, then fill the tub with clean cold water. Squeeze the fur to squeeze out the soapy water. Repeat several times.

Drain the water, then squeeze the fur to remove as much water as possible.

If you have a washing machine, I recommend putting the body inside out through a spin cycle. Otherwise, squeeze out as much water as possible by squeezing the body into a ball. As the body has a large fur surface, it will retain a lot of water and weigh a lot. This weight can make handling dangerous. Never hold the soaked body in one place, as the weight can deform/tear the fur.

Dry on a flat line dryer.


Turn the body inside out, then close the zip(s).

Put the appropriate soap in the machine, then run a cold cycle, if possible on “delicate”. Set the spin speed to the lowest setting.

After washing, turn the body over again and dry flat on a tumble dryer.